Eden Reforestations employee planting trees

Eden Reforestations nursery bed in Antsanitia, Madagascar

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

- Wendell Barry


The Problem

Forests are instrumental to our planet. They serve as homes, stores of carbon and sources of environmental stability.

Despite these obvious benefits, Union for Concerned Scientists (UCS) estimates that each year, an area the size of Switzerland is lost to deforestation.


Pictured here is Borneo, Malaysia. The local rainforest has been decimated to make way for Palm oil plantations.

The regions most impacted by deforestation are poverty-stricken and underdeveloped. Short term needs are prioritized over long-term decline.

The result is an unsustainable relationship between the land and the people.

The Solution

Introducing Eden Reforestation Projects - your favorite charity's favorite charity.

We're not kidding. They're so efficient, other philanthropies will actually will donate their collections directly to this crew.

Eden uses a decentralized approach, hiring locally to build teams of planters in communities that need them most.

Here's how it works...

"Employ to Plant"

The key for reforestation efforts is to present an immediate benefit to the local population.

By hiring within the community, the incentive structure is flipped. Environmental destruction is no longer seen as a necessary tradeoff to improve quality of life.

With a steady income, locals are able to afford daily necessities - all while maintaining their surroundings for a future generation.

Eden Reforestation Projects Tree Planting

A Path Forward

When our efforts take root, we build a virtuous cycle for these communities and the environments they inhabit.

You can donate directly to our friends at the Eden Projects here.

Otherwise, we'll use proceeds from your Art Bloom purchase to plant 25 trees.