Jenna Robinson
x Art Bloom

Jenna Robinson
x Art Bloom

Hi Jenna,
Thanks for giving a little more thought to our offer!
First and foremost, we love the natural focus of your work. As a couple of Coloradoans, we relate to the adventurous vibe and we both thought you seem like an awesome person to partner with.
This page is our effort to explain a little more about ourselves and show you we mean serious business 😎

What do we do?

We put your past art to work.
Art Bloom promotes a small but mighty collection of our favorite canvas prints - generally with an outdoorsy theme.
We support our creators with a 10% cut of all sales.  

How do we work?


We’d love to learn a little about you and your artistic ambitions.
In this phase, we'd finalize the pieces Art Bloom offers and answer any questions you may have.


Here we finalize the pieces Art Bloom offers, align on canvas sizes and any image cropping if necessary. Don’t worry - we will always defer to you here. It’s your work and we respect boundaries.


We set the stage to share the origin of your art. This phase is flexible - how you paint the picture is up to you.
Each story will be featured next to your artwork on the site.


Nick adds your work to the site and creates your artist page.
We're off to the races.


Brian takes our product imagery and runs ad campaigns across the web. As sales take shape, we’ll gain a better understanding of which pieces resonate & we'll increase marketing budgets accordingly.


Brian sends a live dashboard to view your sales and learn from your audience. He’s got a knack for analytics and likes to get loose with it, so don’t be surprised if he adds a few curveball charts you can’t quite make sense of. It just means you’re part of the club.

From our Partners

Emily Magone

Working with Art Bloom has been quite dreamy. They're thorough, attentive, transparent and intelligent.
One major focus of my own brand is quality over quantity, and working with Art Bloom has been fully aligned with that value. They understand the value of niching down and focusing on our target market in order to produce quality and impactful results.
Having them on my 'team' has allowed me to work less in the business and spend more in the studio, aka living the dream :)

Melissa Critchlow

I partnered with Brian and Nick in 2019 and have never looked back. I was approached by a couple of canvas stores at the time, but Art Bloom really stood out.
They're focused on curating a small selection and promoting it so their artists' work has a chance to really be seen. It was also clear that building up the artist and supporting them with fair compensation, communication and credit for their work was a priority for which they have exceeded my expectations.

Mallery Jane

I've had the privilege of working with Art Bloom for over a year and I'm beyond impressed with how professionally they run their company. They truly care about their artists and make sure to communicate over email or phone with such quick responses.
It's great to keep creating and let them take care of promoting and selling my art. I can't say enough about the company and I'm excited to see our continued growth!

What's next?

If you're open to chatting further, we'd love to touch base.
Feel free to respond in our original thread, or drop us a line below with your preferred contact method and any initial questions we can get a jump on!
Got it, talk soon!
Hope to hear from you!
P.S. - my email is and my cell is (937) 424-2228. Feel free to contact me directly at any time.