"With Art Bloom on my team, I'm able to work less on business and create more in the studio."
- Emily Magone    

Creative Partners

We started out selling designs created by our friends and relatives. The agreements we made with our family are the same agreements we use today with all creative partners.


“Art Bloom has prioritized building up the artist and supporting them with fair compensation, communication and credit for their work, for which they have exceeded my expectations.” – Melissa Critchlow

A percentage of each sale goes directly to the creator.


Our collection is small by design. Through this, we can shine a light on every piece.

We handle manufacturing and customer service so the artist can spend time creating.

“One major focus of my own brand is quality over quantity. Art Bloom has been fully aligned with that value - niching down to produce impactful results. Having them on my 'team' has allowed me to work less in the business and more in the studio doing the creating.” – Emily Magone

We aim to make our business as transparent as possible through data sharing and communication.

“They truly care about their artists and make sure to communicate over email or phone with quick responses.” – Mallery Jane


Our partners, and their work, are the spirit of Art Bloom. We hope you appreciate their designs as much as we do.

We look to build relationships, not transactions. This means fair wages, transparent results and a small but strong catalog of artists.

We hope you enjoy.

The Artists

Melissa Critchlow

Emily Magone

Mallery Jane

Elisabeth Fredriksson

Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Kyle Spradley

Kristin Fogarty

Elisabeth Fredriksson

Kelsey Van Raay

Kyle Spradley

Leaf and Petal


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