How it Works

How it's made.

Photos courtesy of our partners at The Eden Project

25 Trees

planted each & every sale.

Photos Courtesy of our partners at The Eden Project

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

- Wendell Barry


The Solution:

An "Employ to Plant" methodology.

Employ to Plant Program

It’s essential that reforestation efforts present an immediate benefit to the local population.

By employing local villagers for the replanting effort, communities see an instant improvement in living quality.

With a steady income, impoverished villagers can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, and medicine.

Employee to Plant Program

In the long run, reforested areas restore animal habitats and local rainfall patterns.

As trees grab hold, they prevent flooding and erosion. This leads to increased crop yield and stabilizes local farms.

Sustainable Farming

When our efforts take root, we build a virtuous cycle for these communities and the environments they inhabit.

While each Art Bloom purchase plants 25 trees, you can donate directly to The Eden Project by following this link.

Colorado Native

We're based in Denver and our canvases are produced just north, at the foot of the Rockies.

Caution: your art could arrive at your house driving a Subaru and complaining about how packed the hiking trails have been lately.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Premium Canvases Only

Our designs are printed on artist-grade canvas and wrapped around a wood frame, gallery-style.

We close up the back with a black backing, complete with a couple of corner bumpers to keep those walls perfect!

Finally, we top things off by attaching metal sawtooth hangers so it's ready to go on arrival. You're only a couple nails away from a party.

Because the canvas has a solid-face support, you won't ever have to worry about sagging. Seriously - if you ever run into sagging from one of our pieces, email me and I'll ship you a new one on the house.

Together with our partners at the Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant 25 trees for each order we fulfill.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Floating Frames

Looking to get a little spicy? Try our new floating frames.

They're sourced and crafted locally using North American poplar wood grown in certified sustainable forests.

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