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Julie Kluh

Julie Kluh is an artist from Olympia, Washington specializing in ocean and water seascapes.

"I have always been an artist, but I am also an adventurer. I love to soak up the fresh air to live outside, be amongst it. In the flow, in nature, in my body, in my spirit."

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About Julie Kluh

In 2011, Julie departed from Ventura, CA on a sailboat.

“My boyfriend and I planned for over a year, studied, practiced, saved up, sold all of our things, and somehow mustered the guts to sail away.“

She was only 26, and had just quit both of her jobs in pursuit of something more.

“We spent several years stopping to surf and live in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and French Polynesia.”

She crafted a makeshift studio on-board and learned to paint with the constant movement of the ocean. A decade later, Julie has spent much of her adult life living full-time on a small sailboat at sea with her paintbrush at her side.